This page describes how to test the MDS interface before a release.

Selenium tests

Install the Selenium IDE plugin for Firefox at

Running the test suite

  • Open Selenium IDE (Ctrl+Alt+S)
  • Open the test suite from the repository (mmc/mds/tests/selenium/suite/all_test.html)
  • Browse to the MMC login page on your test server. The MDS installation must be clean with samba, mail and network modules. Root password must be secret.
  • Play the full test suite

Manual tests

Manual tests validate basic usage of MSS (Mandriva Server Setup) and MDS on MES 5.2. We basically check that the setup of SAMBA, bind9, dhcpd, postfix, dovecot, OpenLDAP with MDS done by MSS is OK.

Environment setup

A private network with one MBS 1.0 server and one Windows XP or 7 client.

The network and the machines can of course be virtualized (it’s easy to setup with VirtualBox).

  • The MBS server is a base installation from the DVD + all updates
  • The private network will be in this document
  • The MBS server has a static IP of

Enable the testing repo to be able to get the MDS test packages.

Installation & configuration

From mss ( select and install the following modules: Samba, DNS & DHCP, Mail, Webmail.

  • MDS domain: test.local
  • MDS password: test$!
  • SAMBA password: smbTest!
  • Mail networks:
  • DNS networks:

The configuration must be successfull.

MDS tests

  1. Login in MDS at with root/test$!
  2. Add a user:
    • Login: user1
    • Password: test1
    • Mail:
  3. Edit the user and set some other fields:
    • Last name, phone...
  4. Put the user in a secondary group then remove if from the group.
  5. Add a second user:
    • Login: user2
    • Password: test2
    • Mail:
    • Alias:
  6. Add the mail domain
  7. Login in roundcube ( with
    • send a mail to
    • send a mail to
  8. Login in roundcube with and check the mails
  9. Edit the MMC ACLs of user1 and check the “Change password” page
    • Login the MMC with user1 and change his password
  10. Create a DNS zone
  • FQDN:
  • Server IP:
  • Network address:
  • Network mask: 24
  • Create DHCP subnet and reverse zone
  1. Edit the DHCP subnet and add a dynamic pool from to
  2. Restart both services in Network Services Management
  3. Boot the Windows client and check if it gets an IP
  4. Convert the dynamic lease of the client to a static lease. Set the DNS name to
  5. Renew the lease on the windows client (ipconfig /renew) then ping
  6. Join the computer to the MES5DOMAIN domain (admin/smbTest!)
  7. Login with user1 on the Windows client
  8. Change user1 password on the Windows client
  9. Login the MMC with user1 new password
  10. Change user1 password on the MMC interface
  11. Logout/Login with user1 on the Windows client