MMC configuration

Web interface configuration

For a full documentation of the /etc/mmc/mmc.ini file see MMC web configuration file.

What you may change in this file is:

  • « login » and « password »: these are the credentials to connect to the MMC agents on your network (the same credentials as in /etc/mmc/agent/config.ini)
  • « url » option of the [server_x]: the URL to connect to the MMC agent.

To connect to the MMC web interface using an URL like http://IP/mmc, we add an alias to Apache 2:

# cp /etc/mmc/apache/mmc.conf /etc/httpd/conf.d/mmc.conf

or on Debian:

# cp /etc/mmc/apache/mmc.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/mmc.conf

Then don’t forget to reload the Apache service.

Now you should be able to see the MMC login screen at this URL: http://IP/mmc


PHP configuration notes

The directive magic_quotes_gpc must be enabled in Apache PHP configuration, either in the global PHP configuration file, either in the mmc.conf file with this line:

php_flag magic_quotes_gpc on

The MMC web interface is not compatible with php-eaccelerator. Please uninstall it else you won’t be able to connect to the MMC.

MMC agent configuration

For a full description of the MMC agent configuration file see MMC agent configuration file.

With the default configuration file we provide (/etc/mmc/agent/config.ini), the MMC agent listen locally to incoming XMLRPC over HTTPS connections on port 7080.

MMC « base » plugin configuration

For a full description of the MMC base plugin configuration file see MMC base plugin configuration file.

The main part of the configuration (/etc/mmc/plugins/base.ini) is to set the LDAP server to connect to, and the credentials to use to write into the LDAP. Check the following options:

  • ldapurl : usually ldap://
  • baseDN : the rootdn of your LDAP directory
  • baseUsersDN : DN to the ou containing LDAP users (eg: ou=People, %(baseDN))
  • baseGroupsDN : DN to the ou containing LDAP groups (eg: ou=Group, %(baseDN))
  • rootName : DN of the LDAP administrator
  • password : password of the LDAP administrator

The defaultUserGroup option must be set to an existing group in the LDAP. You will have to create it using the MMC web interface if this group does not exist.

You need to create the directory specified in the destpath option.

About firewalling

The MMC web interface communicate with the MMC agent using the TCP port 7080 on localhost (default configuration). Please check that your firewall configuration doesn’t block this port.

About SE Linux

The MMC web interface opens a socket to communicate with the MMC agent using XML-RPC.

On SE Linux enabled systems (e.g. Fedora Core 6), by default Apache can’t open socket per policy. So you need to fix or disable your SE linux configuration to make it works.