Services plugin


The configuration of the services plugin is optionnal


Install the packages python-mmc-services and mmc-web-services.


This plugin requires systemd.

If systemd is not available the plugin won’t be loaded.

MMC « services » plugin

This plugin allows the administrator to interact with the system services installed on the server. The plugin uses systemd DBUS interface to interact with services.

Currently you can start, stop, restart and reload services. You can also check any service log from the MMC interface.

MMC « services » plugin configuration

Like every MMC plugin the configuration can be found in /etc/mmc/plugins/services.ini

The plugin is disabled by default so you need to set disable to 0.

The plugin uses journalctl to display services logs in the interface. Check that the path to journalctl is correct for your system.

The blacklist option is used to hide any services in the interface. We don’t display the OpenLDAP service because restarting it from the MMC is not reliable since the MMC depends on it.