Mail plugin


Install the packages python-mmc-mail and mmc-web-mail.

LDAP directory configuration

You need to import our mail schema into the LDAP directory. The schema file is provided by the python-mmc-base package in /usr/share/doc/mmc/contrib/mail/mail.schema.

Once this schema is imported, you will be able to manage mail delivery attributes thanks to the MMC.


To include the schema on Debian:

mmc-add-schema /usr/share/doc/mmc/contrib/mail/mail.schema /etc/ldap/schema/

Postfix/LDAP configuration

Example Postfix configuration files are included into the mds tarball and packages in /usr/share/doc/mmc/contrib/mail/postfix/.

We provide two kinds of configuration:

  • no-virtual-domain: the mail domain is fixed in the « mydestination » option in (you can’t manage mail domains in the MMC - default mode)
  • with-virtual-domains: mails are delivered to all mail domains created thanks to the MMC (you can add/remove mail domains from the MMC)

Copy all configuration files in /etc/postfix and replace LDAP configuration values and domain name with your settings. In all ldap-*.cf files fix the search_base option. In fix the domain name in myhostname and mydestination.

NSS LDAP configuration

NSS LDAP configuration is needed to deliver mails with the right UIDs/GIDs.

See NSS LDAP configuration.

MMC « mail » plugin configuration

For a full description of the MMC mail plugin configuration file see MMC mail plugin configuration file.

This plugin won’t be activated if your LDAP directory does not include a special mail schema.

To enable virtual domains set vDomainSupport to 1. To enable virtual aliases set vAliasesSupport to 1. To enable Zarafa support set zarafa to 1.