Squid plugin


Install the packages python-mmc-squid and mmc-web-squid.

LDAP directory configuration

Two groups will be created automatically in the LDAP tree when the mmc-agent starts with the squid plugin enabled:

  • InternetMaster: the group with total privilegies to access any site and downloads at any time
  • InternetFiltered: is the group with Internet and extensions filtred by a list of keywords and domains

The group names and their description can be changed in the configuration file of the plugin: MMC squid plugin configuration file.

Squid configuration

Please use the provided squid configuration available in /usr/share/doc/mmc/contrib/squid/.

The configuration of the squid.conf file was customized to provide LDAP authentication for the users. Copy the configuration file to /etc/squid or /etc/squid3/ (on Debian).