Userquota plugin


Install the packages python-mmc-userquota and mmc-web-userquota.

LDAP directory configuration

You need to import the quota schema into the LDAP directory. The schema file is provided by the python-mmc-userquota package in /usr/share/doc/mmc/contrib/userquota/quota.schema.

Once this schema is imported, you will be able to manage quota attributes thanks to the MMC.


On Debian, run:

mmc-add-schema /usr/share/doc/mmc/contrib/userquota/quota.schema /etc/ldap/schema

Enabling filesystem quotas on your server

If you are using an ext3 or XFS filesystem you should add the “usrquota” option on the mountpoint(s) where you want to manage quotas in /etc/fstab.

If you want to manage quota on / with an XFS filesystem you need also to pass the kernel option rootflags=usrquota. You’ll need to modify your GRUB configuration for this.

If you are using an XFS filesystem, you must remount manually the partition after adding the “usrquota” option on the mountpoints in /etc/fstab. On ext3 filesystems, you can remount the filesystem dynamicaly with the usrquota option using the following command:

mount -o remount,usrquota /path/to/mount/point

On ext filesystems you have to create quota files on your mountpoints :

quotacheck -cum /path/to/mount/point

This is not needed on XFS.

Enable the quotas on all mountpoints with:

quotaon -au

Check that the quotas are enabled with:

quotaon -aup

MMC « userquota » plugin configuration

In the diskquota section of /etc/mmc/plugins/usrquota.ini you need to specify the list of devices where you want to apply user quotas in the option devicemap.

The devicemap option use the following format :


The device is the unix name of the partition (eg: “/dev/sda1”).


Use the device name reported by the quotaon -aup command

The displayname is a string representing the device (eg: “Homes”). The quota blocksize value is 1024 on Linux x86.

For a full description of the MMC userquota plugin configuration file see MMC userquota plugin configuration file.

This plugin won’t be activated if your LDAP directory does not include the quota schema or the quotas are not enabled on any mountpoints.