SSH public keys plugin


Install the packages python-mmc-sshlpk and mmc-web-sshlpk.

LDAP directory configuration

You need to import the sshlpk schema into the LDAP directory. The schema file is provided by the python-mmc-sshlpk package in /usr/share/doc/mmc/contrib/sshlpk/openssh-lpk.schema.

Once this schema is imported, you will be able to manage ssh attributes thanks to the MMC.


On Debian, run:

mmc-add-schema /usr/share/doc/mmc/contrib/sshlpk/openssh-lpk.schema /etc/ldap/schema

MMC « sshlpk » plugin configuration

For a full description of the MMC sshlpk plugin configuration file see MMC sshlpk plugin configuration file.

This plugin won’t be activated if your LDAP directory does not include the sshlpk schema.